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You Are Loved!

No Alternative

There really is no alternative to being yourself. You can't be me and I can't be you. You can only be yourself. And that is exactly who God created you to be!   more...

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Well, not actually but we are on YouTube. Check us out.

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We always love to see you at church.

Casa Pastors on 40th Anniversary Sunday

Co-Pastors Charlotte, Adero and Jim

But when you can't get to Casa let Casa come to you.

In addition to streaming we continue to add to our outreach. Check out our online ways to connect on Casa Online!

Building Bridges

We believe that God has called us to empower all who come to Casa to improve their lives and to equip them to learn the word of God and to serve in the kingdom of God.   more...

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We are starting a mailing list for announcements and church wide-prayer requests. more...

Ordination of James Claymon

On Sunday November 10th Casa recognized the calling of the a Holy Spirit on the life of our brother James.

Pastors Laying on of Hands

Laying on of Hands

Rev. James Claymon

Rev. James Claymon