They That Wait …

So much has happened in the past two weeks.

We arrived with Jesus to shouts and cheers from the crowd. People who had never seen him before pushed and shoved just to be blessed by touching the hem of his garment.

He sent us to get an Ass and knew exactly where we would find her and her colt.

We were humbled as Jesus washed our feet. He blessed the us and the seder in such an unusual way, then we sat and ate the passover meal with him. After the meal He sent Judas away in such a strange way.

In the garden after dinner, Peter cut off a soldiers’ ear but Jesus healed Him before the soldiers took him away.

Then Friday came. Oh what a horrible day. They kept moving him from PIlate to Herod then to Pilate again. Trying him for crimes he did not commit, beating him and ridiculing him repeatedly before finally condemning him to die a criminals’ death. Crucified on the place of the skulls.

And, as bad as this was there were still more surprises. Three days after that horrible crucifixion the women went to prepare his body for burial and found he was not in the tomb.

Oh! the confusion as He appeared to different ones of us over the days following. Finally we were all convinced that the impossible had occurred. Jesus defeated death and the grave to return among the living, in the flesh.

And he commanded us to go to Jerusalem and wait … So we gathered in an upper room and waited. . .
They that wait …



Posted by Charlotte Strayhorne on Sunday, April 23, 2017

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