Jubilee 2020

Definition of jubilee

 1a: a special anniversary especiallya 50th anniversary b: a celebration of such an anniversary

2a: JUBILATION b: a season of celebration

The Year of Jubilee was instituted by God for the nation of Israel in Leviticus 25. It occurred every fifty years as a special sabbatical year after seven cycles of seven years. On the tenth day of the seventh month, a ram’s horn was blown to begin the celebration. The Hebrew word for “jubilee” literally means “ram’s horn.”

This year is a year of Jubilee for Casa de Cristo Church and Apostolic Center. Throughout the year we will be celebrating our founding, our growth and our continued service to God and this community. Over the past fifty years churches have sprung from Casa and other ministries have sprung from those churches. Our history is enriched by recognizing your history and growth as well.

This is a year for Coming Together – Healing Memories – Preserving the Past – Building the Future!

We are planning events throughout the year to join with you, our family in Christ, in celebrating what God has done in Phoenix. Watch this space to participate in events, and help us gather the history that should not be forgotten.

Curving Cross with diverse people following it, as on a road, on top of rainbow circle that says “I am loved”.

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