Pray – Pastor Charlotte Strayhorne

Impossible? I Don’t Think So

When the red clouds of rage created by being in closed quarters too long begin to roll, PRAY. God’s love can turn red rage into the calming sky of blue love.

When the deep inky blue colors of a midnight filled with depression create what seems to be an impenetrable cover, PRAY. God’s grace can penetrate the deepest darkest night with a healing that turns nightmares into sweet dreams.

When all hell is breaking loose and the fear of death and sickness grips so tight that taking a deep breath feels impossible, PRAY. God’s got this. At the name of Jesus demons tremble, disease crumbles and Satan has to flee.

In these challenging times God’s got this. In these unpleasant times God’s got this. In these unprecedented times God’s got this.

These days are serious. COVID is real. Social distancing is cumbersome. Being away from work, friends and family is something I never want to repeat in my lifetime. Watching the Haves hoard while the Have Nots struggle just to make it one more day could cloud my vision. Yet in all this I PRAY because God’s got this.

I pray that God will wipe out this disease. I pray that God will move the hearts of humanity to return to Him. I PRAY that God will dissolve all the clouds and let the SON reign love, peace and healing. I pray for the possible because I know nothing is impossible for God.

This is how I fight my battles – I pray for unlimited possibilities with God.

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