In the center of Phoenix for 46 years and counting we serve the LGBT community and more! Our goal is to share God’s love with everyone. No limits. Not based on who you love, how much money you have and where you live.

We open our doors to community support groups, give food bags to hungry neighbors and support missions in Arizona, India and Tanzania. We span the generations from Traditional and Boomer to Millenial, Gen-X and Gen-Z. We are a community, a family, and a nation of believers.  Come visit us

Come visit us to see if we are the spiritual community you have been seeking. Whether you are looking for traditional church (Casa Midtown) or a more relaxed and open dialogue (Casa Down Town) we are here for you!

We hand out “I Am Loved” rainbow stickers because we want everyone to know:

God loves you! God made you! and God does not make junk!