Minister Kneeling

Never Alone

We may find ourselves depressed, dejected or rejected. We may have made mistakes we feel we cannot come back from but the one thing that stands through all situations is that we are never alone. In this message Bro. Jimmy bares his soul to share with us this important truth!

What Fruit Do You Produce?

Our ordination candidate Treasure Howie demonstrated how powerful it can be to allow the Holy Spirit to open the scriptures to you. As she digs into the word and shares with us we each learn to expect more from our engagement with the Holy Spirit and to recognize the fruit … ➫ read more

The Kingdom of Heaven

On the final Sunday in May we are asked ‘Where is the Kingdom of Heaven?’ ‘When will we locate the kingdom?’ and ‘How will we know when we get there?’ Pastor Jim shared with us last week just where the Kingdom of Heaven truly is.