More Messages from July 2018

Our messages are Live on Facebook each week. Follow us directly on #Casa Nation-Phoenix or follow Rev. #CharlotteStrayhorne or Rev. #AderoeCEAllisonPhD. Use the link below open a page with some of our July 2018 messages. In The Eye of The Storm Pastor Jim Simpson When God Reveals Himself! Pastor Adero … ➫ read more

The Cost of Freedom

On Saturday July 7th the Casa Down Town Chat asked What Flag Are You Flying? One of the things we realized at that time was that flying a flag represents taking a stand. As Christians, we must take a stand for what we believe in. If we believe in freedom … ➫ read more

I’ll Never Forget

Forgive when someone has done you wrong. Forget if you can but forgive if you remember. Above all else turn to Heaven and say “Jesus, I’ll Never Forget!”

What Does Casa Mean to You?

  To celebrate 48 years of service in Phoenix Casa de Cristo invited members to share during our anniversary service. Testimonies touched on the early days of Casa and came right up to the minute with prayer requests from our FB live feed. Posted by Adero CE Allison Phd on … ➫ read more

Testify – Talk Like You Know

Testimony allows us to share our story with those who need encouragement. Yet, we sometimes miss the power of speech directed inward. Pastor Adero shares scriptures and insights that allow us to build our faith and prepare ourselves for eternity while living the abundant life we have been called to … ➫ read more

What Fruit Do You Produce?

Our ordination candidate Treasure Howie demonstrated how powerful it can be to allow the Holy Spirit to open the scriptures to you. As she digs into the word and shares with us we each learn to expect more from our engagement with the Holy Spirit and to recognize the fruit … ➫ read more

The Kingdom of Heaven

On the final Sunday in May we are asked ‘Where is the Kingdom of Heaven?’ ‘When will we locate the kingdom?’ and ‘How will we know when we get there?’ Pastor Jim shared with us last week just where the Kingdom of Heaven truly is.  

A Path and A Plan

  Each day we get up and get dressed to do the same things we did the day before then we go home and go to bed to start over again the next day. What would happen if instead of letting life happen to us we learned the path God … ➫ read more


On May 14th Pastor Charlotte Strayhorne shared the nature of God with us. This powerful message challenges, encourages and uplifts us as we realize how Incomparable our God truly is!

Love, Heal, Forgive

Pastor Jim comes on strong after he realizes the message of healing requires us to stand up a receive what God has for us. Sick on Saturday night he comes in on Sunday May 7th, brings a revelation and pours out the power of God through this message.