Love, Heal, Forgive

Pastor Jim comes on strong after he realizes the message of healing requires us to stand up a receive what God has for us. Sick on Saturday night he comes in on Sunday May 7th, brings a revelation and pours out the power of God through this message.

They That Wait …

So much has happened in the past two weeks. We arrived with Jesus to shouts and cheers from the crowd. People who had never seen him before pushed and shoved just to be blessed by touching the hem of his garment. He sent us to get an Ass and knew … ➫ read more

Seeking Jesus

As we approached the Holy Week there were many people seeking Jesus. In this 21st Century as we approach another Holy Week who will seek Him now? Pastor Charlotte leads us as we seek Him in our lives.     Seeking Jesus Posted by Adero CE Allison Phd on Sunday, … ➫ read more

Become Like Jesus

Is it possible to become like Jesus or is that just a pipe dream? What was Jesus like anyway? Pastor Adero takes a look through the scriptures to learn what we would need to do to become like Jesus. The process is gradual and well within reach.