They That Wait …

So much has happened in the past two weeks. We arrived with Jesus to shouts and cheers from the crowd. People who had never seen him before pushed and shoved just to be blessed by touching the hem of his garment. He sent us to get an Ass and knew … ➫ read more

Seeking Jesus

As we approached the Holy Week there were many people seeking Jesus. In this 21st Century as we approach another Holy Week who will seek Him now? Pastor Charlotte leads us as we seek Him in our lives.     Seeking Jesus Posted by Adero CE Allison Phd on Sunday, … ➫ read more

Walking The Labyrinth – Pastor Adero Allison

Palm Sunday is when the church recognizes the triumphal entry of Jesus. Arriving before the Seder dinner people lined the road to celebrate His arrival. Yet, there is so much more to Jesus on the road to providing salvation for us. How can we learn from his journey how we … ➫ read more

Jars and Doors – Pastor Charlotte Strayhorne

Jars hold things and doors allow access. Pastor Charlotte invites us to ask ourselves what we are holding in our lives. After sharing with us the things that our jars may hold she moves on to speak of doors. Through the doors in our lives we either gain or lose access. … ➫ read more

Fear Not! – Pastor Jim Simpson

Fear stops us from moving forward. Faith conquers fear! Pastor Jim shared this message with us on March 26th but the content is timeless. Learn how to conquer your fear!

Become Like Jesus

Is it possible to become like Jesus or is that just a pipe dream? What was Jesus like anyway? Pastor Adero takes a look through the scriptures to learn what we would need to do to become like Jesus. The process is gradual and well within reach.

Simply Love – Pastor Jim Simpson

Yesterday morning Robyn Roberts quoted her mother telling her that “God loves you because of who He is, not because of anything you do or don’t do!” As you can see Pastor Jim also knows this God of Love. Follow Casa as we continue to share God’s message of love. … ➫ read more

Love Triumphs Over Fear – Fear Kills Love

The fight or flight reflex in our DNA allows fear to take over our lives. Pastor Charlotte helps us take the wind out of that fear response when she tells us how Love Triumphs Over Fear!   If you want to experience victory in your life watch the video. If you … ➫ read more

I Cried My Last Tears Yesterday

We can live in self pity and wallow in ‘what was’ or we can remember who is in control and move on with our lives. In this message Pastor Charlotte shares with us her plan for the days ahead.   Pastor Charlotte telling us you can't look back. Posted by … ➫ read more