Is there Room at the Table?

The church has led us to believe that only some people are allowed to join the feast prepared for the kingdom. Pastor Jim shares with us new understanding of passages we thought we already understood. Scriptures – John 8: 1-11, Luke 10: 30-35, Matthew 8: 5-13 Acts 8: 34-39  Check … ➫ read more

The Road Is Closed – Now What?

Along my route, there is constant change. When I began to walk this way there were one story buildings that appeared to be unused. One day I was rerouted to the other side of the street as a building was demolished. Over time the land was prepared and a new … ➫ read more

You Are Loved!

 There really is no alternative to being yourself. You can’t be me and I can’t be you. Neither one of us has the option of being the person next door. You can only be yourself. And that is exactly who God created you to be! God loves you! In fact … ➫ read more